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Plant of the Month: Burdock

Common Name: Burdock

Latin Name: Arctium lappa

Native Region: Native to Asia and Europe and is found throughout North America

Element: Water

Planet Association: Venus

Chakra: Root

Gender: Female

Process: Involution (Brings spirit into matter) and Evolution (Brings matter into Spirit)

Day of Week: Friday (Venus Day)

Energy: Cooling, distributes moisture in body

Part of Plant Used: Root and leaves

Taste: Sweet to bitter and slightly mucilaginous

Body: Nourishes skin, lymph, liver, kidney, gall bladder, influences mucous membranes to reduce accumulated by-products of catabolism and strengthens immunity. Increases digestion, mild laxative, antibacterial, antifungal, diuretic, liver tonic, anti-inflammatory, hormone balancing and blood purifier

Mind: Helps with focused concentration, turns worriers into peaceful warriors

Heart: Helps with centering and grounding

Soul: Connects spirituality with the deep, dark fertility of Mother Earth

Burdock has substantial roots way down into Mother Earth and is connected with fluidity and fluid systems of the body. We can turn to Burdock to help ground us into ourselves and allow in the flow and fluidity of life as we remain embodied. Burdock is a biannual plant-in the first year her large leaves grow straight out the ground and by the second year those leaves shoot up into stalks. She teaches us there is healing and strength in growth in being patient with ourselves. Burdock is said to have 2 spirits not just one. The root is spirit of involution, the ability to bring spirit into matter and the flower is spirit of evolution, the ability to bring matter into spirit. This offers us healing in balancing ourselves during times change and growth as we continually evolve throughout life. May we open to the blessings that change brings in our life, open to the flow and fluidity of life while maintaining a sense of feeling embodied in who we are knowing that change is essential to all of life.

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